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Essay HelpIt is no secret that most of the students have a problem writing their essays, term papers, concept papers, and thesis and research proposals is no longer a secret. According to the findings of the recently concluded survey carried out in the United States of America and the European continent, approximately 60% of the college and university are not comfortable with the writing of their academic papers. The research findings further reveal that additional 70% of the interviewed respondents were categorical that they are not confident in their capabilities to write essays on their own and that they have to rely on the essay help in order to accomplish the task with due precision and diligence.

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It is remarkably important to note that the findings of this research bring to the fore the significance of essay help within the institutions of higher learning such as colleges, technical institutes and universities. Based on the confessions of the students during the research survey, it is apparent that more and more students have resorted to the use of essay help in their essay writing than the professors and members of the academic boards earlier thought.

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Having highlighted the critical role essay help plays in the academic circles, there is no doubt that the much sought after essay help in the blood life of students’ academic excellence. Without the provision of essay help, as most professors and senior academicians ignorantly champion, then majority of the students would not pass their examinations as they do it today. This is an implication that slapping a ban on the use of essay help in colleges and universities would culminate into the drastic drop in the academic standards world over.