How the Essay Typer Website Compares to Writing Services

When your time is running out and you have written just a few lines of your essay or simply nothing, you are eager to find a fast and easy solution to your problem. The traditional option is to hire a writer to do your essay for you. Now there is another alternative. You can use the EssayTyper site to get your essay automatically. It is worth comparing the two options in greater detail.

Type My EssayWhen you use the website, you will need to enter the general subject of your essay. Then you will be taken to a page with the title. From then on, you simply need to press any key on the keyboard continuously to get your essay. It appears on the screen “magically”. Once all the text is there, you simply need to copy it and that’s it.

Overall Writing Quality

The Essay Typer website works only with broad topics. If your topic is narrow and specific, it will simply apologize for not being able to help you. How about the content which comes up on the page? It is well-written and informative, but there is nothing more to it. It’s just useful information presented without grammar errors, in most cases. The information is general and there is no analysis.

When you hire a professional writer who is skilled, experienced and knowledgeable in the respective academic discipline, he will be able to deliver an original essay which meets all the requirements of your teacher. It doesn’t matter how specific the topic is or how long the list of requirements is. When you receive the ready piece, you will have the opportunity to read it and to request modifications, if required.

The Matter of Plagiarism

The reality is that the automatic essay writing tool pools information from different sources on the web. It is rewritten so it’s not copied directly. However, it is not original. If your teacher uses a plagiarism tool, the essay is highly unlikely to pass the check.

There is another serious risk of using the essay writing automatic tool. If several students in one class use it, they will turn it identical essays. Needless to say, this is also regarded as plagiarism and the consequences are very serious.

When you hire a custom research paper writing service, you are entitled to checking the work with any plagiarism checker and to have it fixed in case any issue shows up. Even if you use the same service as one of your classmates, the professional should produce two completely original essays.

It is up to you to decide which option to choose.

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